December Marketer Quick Tips and Reference!

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  1. 為甚麼D2C品牌拋離傳統零售?
  2. 國際疫情如何影響市場營銷?
  3. 呢度郵箱廣告實例:百家利室內設計公司
  4. 呢度餐桌貼紙廣告實例:香港建造學院


12月 呢度廣告新資訊 & 廣告實例分享

1. What set D2C brands apart from traditional retailers?

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies manufacture and ship their products directly to buyers without relying on traditional stores or other intermediaries. For example, Dollar Shave Club became a billion-dollar brand by using convenience and customer service to cut into the market share of incumbents.

1. 為甚麼D2C品牌拋離傳統零售?

Direct-to-consumer(直接面對消費者)公司不依賴傳統實體零售店或中介服務,直接將產品運送給顧客。 例如,Dollar Shave Club利用便利性和貼近顧客的銷售服務作賣點,搶佔大企業的市場份額,搖身一變成價值數十億美元的上市品牌。


2. What is the impact of international epidemics on marketing?

In the face of the virus crisis and economic turbulence, marketers should anticipate new SEO strategies. Here are new search trends on daily necessities stores, news pages, health contents, recipe sites, and financial platforms:

2. 全球疫情如何影響市場營銷?


Future Commerce:

1. Ledo Second Pouch Box reference: Pacale Interior Design

Pacale placed the second pouch box ads to attract the potential clients who have the needs of interior design targeting the Shatin District public.

1. 呢度郵箱廣告實例:百家利室內設計公司


2. Ledo Table Sticker reference: The Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC)

HKIC placed the table sticker ads at 12 different restaurants targeting the whole Hong Kong public to promote their course and attract more potential students.

2. 呢度餐桌貼紙廣告實例:香港建造學院

香港建造學院為了吸納有志學習建造行業方面知識的學生, 於12間餐廳投放餐桌貼紙廣告,藉此吸引有興趣報讀課程的同學。


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Ledo is an O2O offline advertising spot platform allows people to share vacant space and turn them into valuable offline advertising spot, in order to fully utilized the idle resource in the world and restructure the traditional offline advertising industry. Vacant space could be shop window, table surface, out door wall or any idle space suitable to display advertisement. Through the platform, people can freely post their idle space to bring extra income and other people can base on time, location and price to find relevant spot for their marketing campaign in an open, transparent and intelligent manner. Ledo is rapid growth web platform startup company in Hong Kong and the market value reach to 20M Hong Kong dollars in 2017. 呢度廣告是一間數碼港培育公司,我們在香港建設了最大型的O2O廣告點租賃平台,允許人們分享閒置空間及將它們轉化成有價值的廣告點,旨在善用世界上的閒置空間及把傳統推廣行業重新定義。 廣告點可以是店鋪窗口、餐桌面或任何適合展示廣告的閒置空間。透過這個平台,人們可以自由地租出閒置空間來賺取額外收入,而需求方則可以因應時間、地點及價錢尋找最有效的廣告空間來進行市場推廣。

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